• From our humble beginings in 1998 to ...

  • A securely fenced 1.5 acres with ...

  • Beautiful puppies, ...

  • Obedience champions and ...

  • Breed champions.

The 'Corral' Camera

(OPEN) This camera looks out over our securely fenced 1.5 acres and is on 24/7. Here you can watch all the older collies romp and frolic. And from time-to-time, you can even see the humans doing yard work.

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The 'Whelping' Camera

(CLOSED) This camera is on only when we have a bitch giving birth and for the first few weeks after. During that time it is on 24/7. Then puppies are moved to the 'Final Stage' enclosure.

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The 'Final Stage' Camera

(OPEN) This camera looks down into our larger pen during the last couple of weeks before the puppies find their Forever Homes. While puppies are here, this camera too is on 24/7.

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Welcome to the new Absolute Collies website

We are very excited about this new website. Why? Well a few reasons, really. The biggest reason is that this site is built on the new "responsive website" format. Responsive, you ask. Yes, with todays technologies websites are no longer accessed from a desktop computer alone. As we've all seen, you can easily access sites from Tablets and Smart Phones. Unfortunately most sites don't look good on the smaller devices. But with this responsive website, not only does it have a cleaner look, it will configure itself to whatever device you access it from.

So come on in and stay a while. Look around and learn about us and our collies. See what collies we may have available and watch our collies on multiple cameras 24/7. Well, okay, there are times they are not on camera because let's face it, it's not easy being in front of the camera for that long without a potty break.