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Jack, Jennie and Diana Grover
6859 Bruce Ln.
Slatington, PA 18080
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Jack and I have been married since 1992. Shortly after moving into our first house Jack insisted on getting a collie (he had a farm collie growing up). Personally, I didn’t really have a preference since I grew up with Great Danes, German Shepherds, Dachshunds, Bichon’s and mix breeds. So, we looked in the newspaper and low and behold there were collies at a dog farm in Lancaster. Not being from PA; we did not know about Dog Farms, this was our first encounter. Of course Jack picked the most bouncy happy puppy in the bunch – we named him Cedar. He was not AKC registered, his eyes were not almond shaped, but he was the best dog anyone could have. He lived till he was 15 years old. Shortly after getting Cedar I fell in love with the breed and wanted my second collie. On-line I saw a white collie and I fell in love. Next thing you know I was looking up breeders of white collies in the area and came across Judie Evan’s name(Clarion Collies). Now mind you, this was the day before my husband was going to start a new job. We drove up to Deposit, NY – 3 hours one way, spent time with Judie and drove back (We got back around 11pm). There were lots of names we thought of for this little bundle of fur, "Fluff n’ Nutter", "Laka-wana" (We were passing Lakawana, PA at the time.) So we then came up with funny sentances such as "Laka-wana go for walk?" or "Laka-wana treat?" Well you get the idea. We let the tired giggles pass and decided on Edelweiss en Schnee. Small and white, clean and bright from the movie "The Sound of Music". Judie asked me to show him – and so I got the SHOW bug and the rest is History. Weiss lived till he was 14 years old in spite of him being terrified of Thunder, Fire Works, Gun Shots, etc. He didn’t win any points, but he was my first show dog and I learned everything from him.

We are situated on 1-1/2 acres, fully fenced. My collies are my hobby; I am a pedigree nut, I research dogs, bitches, puppies, genetics, diseases, and learn from every litter. I love reading old collie magazines, year books, and articles about the history. Collies are a very special breed, I truly love them and can’t imagine having another breed. My collies are like my children, they bark (Okay, we have yet to hear Diana bark.), chew things, they dig holes in the back yard specifically for me to twist my ankle, they ate my pool cover (Pretty sure Diana had nothing to do with this event.), they stuck their long noses in my fenced garden, ate my vegetables from our garden, they have chewed hoses, electric cords, brooms, mops, molding, doors, chair legs, etc. (Diana did too during her teething period.), but I wouldn’t have it any other way.

My husband says; “Not my hobby”. But he supports me in many ways. He's a great photographer and not too shabby at creating websites. He helps raise and take care of our collies. He plays with them and teaches them that there are rules that need to be observed. He helps out with setting up for and working the many dog shows we do for our various clubs.

Diana has started to dabble in Mommy’s hobby. The first time in the show ring, she took in Genee Foulkes’ girl Holly and went Reserve Bitch under specialty judge Alice Inman. I’m sure before you know it she’ll have the same bug too. Sorry honey!