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Puppy Proofing Your Home

Puppies are just like babies!

They want to explore and they put everything in their mouths! Here's a simple checklist to make sure your home is safe for a puppy:

Make sure all household chemicals are securely stored out of puppy's reach. That includes household cleaners, laundry detergents, bleach, disinfectants, insecticides, cleaning fluids, fertilizers, mothballs and antifreeze, as well as, roach, ant and rat poisons. These can be deadly to puppies.

Check your plants. Many common household plants and even foods can be toxic to your puppy. Ask your veterinarian for a complete list.

Look at your house from a puppy's point of view: That's right, get down on all fours and look around. Are there any dangling electric cords, loose nails, plastic bags, or just plain tempting objects that will be in puppy's reach?

Install Safety Gates (Baby gates) Installing these gates might be a bother to you at first but believe me, they really help give you peace of mind for those times you are called away for just a moment. Never use pressure, or tension, gates at the top of the stairs. Only use these types at the bottom of stairs or between rooms. Use gates that have to be securely fastened to your railing or wall at the top of stairways.